A High Performing School

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Introduction of the HFLS Orchestra        



  Since its establishment in May 2009, seven sub-orchestras with a total of 500 members have been successively set up. With the emphasis and support from the Board of Directors and school leaders, we always insist on the principles of “Scientific, Diligent, Delightful, and Achieving”. We have a strong teaching team and a first-class training environment. Since 2010, because of the music talent, more than 30 studnets, including Huang Qiqi, Wang Shuhan, Zheng Zehui,Xuying, are enrolled by famous universities like Tsinghua University, Peking University, and Zhejiang Univeristy. 


  We also got great results in various competitions, won six first prizes in competitions in Dongguan city and Guangdong Province, the Gold Prize in the 63rd European Teenager Art Festival, and the Silver Prize of Vienna Teenager Art Festival. Recently, both the symphonic orchestra and the marching band in primary school won the fame of “National Model Orchestra.” The Orchestra has become a brand characteristic of our school, just like a diamond in the sky.