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                    The Communist Youth League   




 The General Branch of CYL, HFLS was founded in September 2005, with six general branches. The General Branch of CYL, HFLS takes “To Unite the Youth, to Lead the Youth, to Manage the Youth, to Serve the Youth” as an aim and “To Enhance School Cultural Construction, to Enrich School Life, to Improve Students’ Comprehensive Qualities, to Cultivate Reserves for the Communist Party” as a direction for effort. Carrying out work based on our school’s real situation, the General Branch of CYL in our school has fully played a subsidiary role in school education, teaching, management, service, etc. and acted as a link between the leaders of the Communist Party, HFLS and the students. Also, it guides the student organizations like Student Union, Broadcasting Station and Volunteer Association to carry out work. 

The General Branch of CYL, HFLS has been awarded the honorable title of “Youth Civilization”,“Municipal Level Model Unit of ‘Two New’ Youth League Construction”, and “Advanced Unit of Communist Youth League” in Dongguan City, and “Ten Best Organizations of Youth League”, “Excellent Organization of Youth League”, “4th May Red Flag Organization of Youth League”, “Advanced Unit of Communist Youth League” in Humen Town and so on.