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     走进虎外高中,你将享受优质、独特的教育! 走进虎外高中,你将实现远大、美好的理想!走进虎外高中,你将成就幸福、圆满的人生!







 The Senior High School Department of Humen Foreign Language School was founded in 2007. Acquiring a striking figure when the first graduates in 2010 achieved great success in the Entrance Examination to University, our school has risen to prominence ever since, making great progress in the field of education in Dongguan and winning widespread social approval and recognition. As one of the excellent graduates, Huang Qiqi was admitted to Tsinghua University with outstanding achievement. She became the first student nurtured in the local area and accepted by a top university in China.




The first success has greatly inspired the students and teachers in the Senior High School Department. Succeeding Huang Qiqi, more graduates have entered Peking University, another top university in China, including Cai Jialing, Lu Dehua, Liu Jingrong, Cai Jiali, Cai Chengde, Wang Yufeng, Li Hui ,Cai Junchen,Zheng Zehui, Cai Xiaoying and so far. Additionally, several hundreds of graduates have been admitted to other famous universities, like Zhe Jiang University, Fu Dan University, Nan Jing University, Wu Han University, Zhong Shan University and so on. At present, with the level of the students going up year by year, the Senior High School Department of Humen Foreign Language School is facing an excellent trend, forming a virtuous circle of development. Meanwhile, the concept of quality education outstands more significantly, making it be the only Level-A senior high school situated in the town.




  Following the management philosophy of “scientific management, truth-seeking spirit, high-quality service, safety first” and carrying out the teaching requirements of “individualized teaching, hierarchical propulsion, assigning the tasks according to the ability, 100% admission”, we are determined to improve the quality of teaching entirely. The admission rate of graduates being accepted by key universities is rising yearly, reaching up to 55.95% in 2016. The rate of undergraduates still remains stable, achieving over 92% the admission rate to junior colleges runs as high as 100%.





With the unique education, the Senior High School Department of Humen Foreign Language School holds on to “education in small-size classes”, carrying out “one-to-one tutoring” policy. As a consequence, arts talent students can be guided by highly qualified specialists and the training for the subject-contest to the top students can be enhanced scientifically. The colorful experience can be shared freely by our schoolmates after graduation and joyful sports activities can be held frequently. All contribute to a more effective educational environment in our school.



  ​The teaching staff in the Senior High School Department of Humen Foreign Language School are all qualified with rich experience, extensive knowledge and strong ability, among whom there are not only master teachers, outstanding teachers throughout China or Southern Guangdong, but also many are academic leaders in their own fields in many provinces, key teachers or outstanding head teachers in some provinces or cities as well. Many even have got postgraduate degree. It is they who are energetic in their work, professional in their field, devoted to their posts, and cooperate with others that have helped set a solid foundation for a prestige educational brand in Dongguan.




 Admitted into the Senior High School Department of Humen Foreign Language School, you are bound to enjoy unique high quality education and make your long-range ideal come true, thus achieving a happy and satisfactory life.