A High Performing School

       初  中  部















           the Junior High School Department         


 The Junior High School in Humen Foreign Language School was founded in September, 2004. Based on its excellent achievements and management, the JHS has been a prestigious school growing rapidly in popularity over the years and has a reputation of the highest standards for quality education in the city of Dongguan and even in the Pearl River Delta.


 With the development of innovative concepts, coordination, openness and knowledge sharing, the Junior High School, whose mission is to educate with morality and prosper through quality, concentrates on studying in an educational system. Throughout the JHS, we are devoted to teaching students to be patriotic, polite, well-behaved, loyal, honest, frugal, to form good habits, and to live with integrity.



Cooperation and good behavior have become the core concepts in class teaching. We pursue excellence in classes and give individual tutoring to students who are having difficulties in studies. We carry out strategies for effective lesson planning. We make every effort to promote balanced development in every subject by reviewing students test scores and evaluating teachers performance in order to improve teaching strategies. Furthermore, to make the students happy by learning is one of our goals.



  ​Our Senior High School Entrance Examination scores are among the highest in Dongguan. Since 2008, the test results have consistently ranked within top two in Dongguan. Since the school was established, teachers and students have participated in various competitions, winning more than 1000 awards. Over 50 students have won national awards. More than 150 students have won provincial awards, and more than 800 students have won town level awards. We have received the Junior High School quality teaching award every year.