A High Performing School

   小   学    部  























    The Primary School     



The Primary School of Humen Foreign Language School has a group of  outstanding teachers,most of them are key teachers and academic leaders in some provinces or cities,who are energetic in their work,professional in their field.Nurtured by the love and carefulness of the teachers, students grow healthily.  


The Primary School of Humen Foreign Language School holds on to “education in small-size classes”, structures a course system of “personality, multiculturalism, openness and ecology”. The school perseveringly fosters and brings up excellent elementary  school students to be all-rounded and with creativity and practical ability. With its own teaching characteristics of Chinese, English and art. The school always upholds the tenet of “Teaching with activity”, carrying out and promoting quality education in an all-around way, seeking and organizing a wide range of student-oriented special activities to form school-based courses,promote the integrated development of the students' individuality,give a happiness and colorful childhood to them.


The school aims to be a warm home and paradise for every student. It provides three scientific nutritional meals a day, a cozy and comfortable dormitory managed by full-time teachers, colorful and amusing activities, "Happy Farm" activity, caring medical services and a seamless whole-process security system to allow students to grow up in a happy and healthy way. 


Since the foundation of the school , it has put “developing the school into a modern school with high quality and distinctive features” as its goal. 



 The school has made remarkable achievements in running the school, which win the parents,students and social approval and recognition.It has become a featured school among of the primary schools in Dongguan.